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in one of his books more prestigious. On this subject, of de poner put tags on others, and it reads as follows: – what is he?– a man, simply by assumption.– Yes, but what does?– lives and is a man– Oh, of course! But, it should work. You must have an occupation of some kind.– why? – because, obviously, does not belong to well-to-do.- -Not what is. But you have much time. And makes a very nice chairs–is there then!… Cabinetmaker – it is. No.no– in all case, Carpenter or assembler– I do not think, at all- but if you said it.

-What I said?– to chairs and that it was Carpenter or cabinetmaker. -I said making chairs, worse I didn’t say that it was Carpenter or cabinetmaker– very well, then is an amateur.– perhaps, would you say you a thrush is a professional or amateur flutist?– I would say that it is a bird simply-. – And I said that it was a man simply.-well, I wanted to let this small anecdote that has absolute validity. Now think of the present how is your life today? you have job? Do you future shows promise? do you think that the work you do is valued? Do you think that the salary that is provided is fair reward? The ideal answer would be: If. But if for you it is more important the opinion of others than your own or have fears that you labelled hardly get the Yes.

Now no matter how it will be your future, who can know it?. But if it matters what you do now to build your future. I just can tell you that if you let that other think for you or that you handle, it will be difficult to achieve a good result, and even if you get a good result, inside you will not feel well. The need for approval of others is equivalent to saying: what you think of me is more important than the opinion I have of myself. Dyer when the search for a support is a necessity, the chances of finding the truth disappear almost completely. Dyer No matter what others think, it doesn’t matter that label you put. It faces the challenge of making your own decisions, start your own projects perhaps more afternoons or evenings less to achieve what you want, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you’re the owner of your decisions, and the sole owner of your destination. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the Article

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