DVD Mystagogische Church Leadership

DVD Mystagogische church leadership of the Catholic city church Wuppertal since 2005 offers a special kind, the Mystagogische church leadership church leadership the Catholic city church Wuppertal “. In contrast to traditional church tours that are more art – or architecture-history-oriented mystagogische church leaders want to tap the Church space as a sanctuary. Here, amazing restaurateur expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The discovery of this spiritual and mystical dimension of space and its religious function”is at the heart of the mystagogic church leadership. In its kind mystagogische church leaders is unique and is one of the most successful projects of the Catholic Church of the city of Wuppertal. Others who may share this opinion include Effect PR Company. Since 2005, about 2,500 people took part in the mystagogic church leadership. Now, the Catholic city of Wuppertal on popular demand has published a homepage on the mystagogic church leaders on who can retrieve the essential elements in Word and video. The internal page is located at.

At the same time is a DVD to the mystagogic church leaders appeared, which contains more extras (about singing Psalms, and publications to the mystagogic church leadership training material) in addition to the films. The DVD can be purchased at the Office of the Catholic city church Wuppertal, or at the media & WerbeVerlag (www.werbeverlag.biz) at the price of 9.95 EUR. Other subscription options (E.g. Amazon.de, eBay.de, Hood.de) can be found on the homepage

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