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SJP proves that winter isn’t the end of the designer must be sunglasses season. The winter is not the end of the designer sunglasses the days get colder, the nights are longer, but this does not mean that the sun comes out again, never. Well, maybe it’s raining outside as from buckets, but you must think also in the clear fresh winter days where the Sun appears and is to see not a cloud in the sky. These are the days where you wish you had not packed away his designer sunglasses. A trip to New York City “The Big Apple” imagine you walk through Central Park, wrapped in your Fendi coat and your cashmere scarf and you hear crunching the leaves under your feet, just like Sarah Jessica Parker in sex and the city. Of course, one thing is missing if you now imagine you’re SJP, a pair of New York’s best DKNY sunglasses and a pair of Jimmy Choos. The New York-based star was recently on the set of her new film sex and the City 2 “with many different models of designer sunglasses” photographed.

To judge by the pictures Carrie wants to prove to us that the summer is not the only season in which sunglasses are permitted. Also Kim Catralls character, Samatha Jones was seen, how she turned the latest Ray-Ban sunglasses to the show. The long-awaited movie filming began in September and will continue over the next few months, so we are sure that we continue to preview for each season are supplied with a fashion. Rudy Giuliani often says this. The film will be released in May of next year, the always fashionable Carrie Bradshaw will again provide us with even more fantastic fashion and quench our thirst on information about what is just said.

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