Costume Institute Ball

Tatiana Gevorgyan was “an encyclopedia traveler” – a list of tips for those who frequently performs flights: what to wear, eat and take with them, how to take care of your skin and do not get bored, and even some antiperspirant package put in checked baggage. And what happened? “A lot of people call me after reading this blog, especially the beauty-headings known fashion magazines. They liked my tips for “flying”, is now ask him to become their beauty-expert. Pace and reached the rank of Professor of beauty not far away. Danny Meyer can provide more clarity in the matter. Then I will remember that the first thesis I defended her on the little pink antiperspirants Dove . Aurora was seriously fascinated by the role of fashion criticism and secular browser all rolled into one: because of her pen, along with reports of parties out reviews of the “hottest” new products of the season. Favorite brands, current models of jeans and overalls, a selection of accessories – readers of this blog do not need to look in the glossy magazines.

And the star itself is not necessary to worry about the antiperspirant, judging from her stories: “I chose the IPL – the little black sleeveless dress. The situation was exciting, too many things need to be monitored, and I several times during the evening mentally thanked the Dove, which took control of the exposed armpit. I must say, guinea behaved impeccably! “Olga Rustle test antiperspirant under different conditions: a dance till you drop, then meets a man in the air studio, a phenomenon that argues with the traffic police because of the tanks in the city, then goes to movie premieres, which she and the voice – and then explores Museums in New York. One of the latest developments, it would seem, is not compatible with the image of lovers of extreme sports, but a matter of respect: not everyone can be up to 1 day to sew a dress for a party, and even just to get to the last fashion trend! “The other day was the annual Costume Institute Ball in New York. Glancing at the red carpet, I realized how much I in the trend! While impressed by the vagaries of fashion … By the way, if you forgot to use antiperspirant, designer dress will not save – remember this, my friends, before going on the red carpet! “On Antiperspirant product of a new line of Dove HairMinimising takes care of delicate skin underarms, gives her the beauty and smoothness and protects the smell of sweat. But that’s not all: for daily use new hair in the armpits gradually become softer, thinner and less visible, making them easier to remove and prevents irritation to sensitive skin. This is achieved by softening formula, which includes Pro-Epil complex with natural ingredients and 1 / 4 moisturizing cream.

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