CoPTrack Supplier

Collaboration between client and contractor in a planning and control program suppliers must often be included in project planning and project management. CoPTrack provides the functionality that allows a smooth integration into the internal project management for clients as well as for the individual contractor. CoPTrack supports the merge of project plans, as also the communication in the course of the project. In the project plan, activities and planned results as structural elements are”listed. Individual tasks or partial plans can be projected in other plans, such as supplier. After the selection and contractual agreement with a supplier, a resident engineer can be defined for one or more employees of the supplier, the access to the CoPTrack system. A first supplier plan is given above, contains the requirements for the suppliers. The resident engineer refines the plan with all required tasks, appointments, expenses, and documents.

One Rear projection in the main plan covers plan changes and deviations of progress immediately. The common view of client and contractor on the joint integrated plan allows a consensus vote of the project key data. A shortcut (projection) of project elements between the project plan and supplier the relevant project information is automatically updated. These include shifts on the part of the customer, forecasts (time or effort) on the part of the contractor, statements to achieve targets, or to the quality level. Symbols (signals) in the sheet view or the Gantt chart are to make changes visible.

Which provides an overview of current and reliable with a high information content to the stand in the project with external partners are the function of linking by structure elements in combination with the presentation of forecasts, reviews and the level of target achievement through symbols and values, as well as the integrated alarms. Give timely and disciplined inputs to the project status Information benefits of project management software for the cooperation with internal and external partners. Transparency in project work and timeliness of progress is the result of guided in this way, cross-company project management. Thus, an essential requirement for the efficiency of project execution is created. The SMC GmbH offers the experience and expertise for such tasks and the project management delivers the capabilities software CoPTrack.

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