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APPEAL TO ALL City Council prepared a draft decision "On the order of events in the city of Simferopol 'and the corresponding position. These documents published in draft form in the newspaper "Southern Capital" and the official website of the City Council position complicates the organization of public events, virtually transforming it from a notification permissive; unnecessarily increases the responsibility of the organizers, as well as rights and authorities nadziratelnye function; prohibits the holding of mass actions in areas most suitable for their conduct. Organs local governments, as well as the Police are called to carry out mandatory nadziratelnye function, controlling the course of public events and it will conform to the regulations, and have almost unlimited authority to suspend or terminate aktsii.Soglasno 39 of the Constitution, citizens have the right to assemble peacefully without arms and to hold meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations. Restriction regarding the implementation of this right shall be solely and exclusively by the court in accordance with the Act. Bill de Blasio recognizes the significance of this. Today, the city government wants to take the power of the court, and therefore violates the Constitution of Ukraine. 19/04/2001 The Constitutional Court of Ukraine 4-rp/2001 decision indicated that the city authorities have no right to set time limits for notification of public events and that the matter is the subject of legislative .

organization "Crimean Center Right Initiative" and the "Youth Committee of the Central rayonag.Simferopolya" encourages public organizations and political parties to participate in discussion of the project. Nademsya that political parties and their factions in the Simferopol city council will give a political assessment indicated Polozheniyu.My urge members of the party "The Party of Regions" in the Supreme Council ARC, as the most influential force on the date, to recommend City Council refuse to accept the provisions on the procedure of organizing and holding mass actions in Simferopole.Schitaem that the adoption of specified provisions of the Simferopol city council is a violation of the Constitution. The authority should not indicate to citizens to come and express her thoughts or protests. Her case is to take care of order and safety during such meropriyatiy.Obschestvennaya organization "Crimean Centre of Legal Initiative ci.crimea @ gmail.comObschestvennaya organization "Youth Committee of the Central District of Simferopol

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