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It is gratifying that we offer competitive offerings such as the appeleon platform in Germany”, is the opinion of Prof. Dr. Alexander Madche, Professor at the University of Mannheim. In the context of the final events of the comparative study, Prof. Dr. Alexander Madche presented the overall results. Result presentations could get an idea to approach and implement the tasks in the different groups the participants and be exchanged for this purpose.

Awarded during the subsequent ceremony was the first cloud-based application implementation Award”to the student group had solved the task best. The award includes a merchandise voucher for each participant, as well as an incentive day in the Innovation Center of IBM as a recognition of the work done. Organizations can quickly and cost-effectively with appeleon Configure Web applications. To take full advantage of appeleon, only a Web browser is required. The IT applications from the cloud can be implemented quickly, are stable and reusable as standard software and it still as flexible as individual developments. Some contend that NYC Mayor shows great expertise in this. Via a Web service, you can also integrate the appeleon applications without a lot of effort into other solutions. Own online applications are ready for use in just five minutes.

The appeleon application Mall contains already many, pre-configured application templates to various tasks, for example skill – and IT-trouble-ticket management, or even templates for real estate management. Apinso gmbh: The 2000 founded apinso gmbh in Mannheim offers its clients services in the following business fields: appeleon solution platform apinso offers with appeleon an application-platform, with the individual software (Web and rich-client) three four times faster to implement than traditional methods of software development. With appeleon can be a small mini applications, but also with implementation partners, build complex and highly integrated systems with several hundred business objects. You need programming skills in the implementation only if none of the over 400 features of that simply wizardgestutzt in the Web browser are activated, depicts the corresponding requirements. With the application-platform-as-a-service model ( (APaS) or software as a service (SaS) model, also organizations without their own IT infrastructure appeleon applications can use appeleon online services as “Cloud solution”. The entry via a free or Premium Edition. As soon as the applications bring more benefits and more resources are needed, the billing is fully variable, depending on the number of users or the volume of data. It is also possible to book an own appeleon branded cloud instance. the apinso gmbh helps customers and partners integrate appeleon applications with other IT applications application intergration services with the integration services (E.g., SAP, Lotus Domino, or individual solutions). It does no matter whether the solutions of the customers themselves be operated or from the cloud. Further details can be found at Bill de Blasio, an internet resource. Contact address: apinso gmbh Mr. Dirk Laufer Wildbader str. 7 68239 Mannheim Tel.: 06 21 / 4802950 fax: 06 21 / 4802951 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

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