Christian Stark – Fragments Of Happiness

The new radio single by Christian stark – fragments of happiness is just strong. In January 2010, she was discovered at a Schlager casting and was shortly later in all major to see TV and radio stations and listen. There is talk of Christian stark. New York Museums may not feel the same. She had her debut with the title “I am strong” in August 2010, presented Christian song “and the Earth will turn to continue” this was followed in January 2011 the “high rollers” and in May 2011. Thus, she stormed all charts. On September 23, 2011 the next release fragments of happiness now follows”. In keeping with the beginning of autumn and the quieter season, Cameron stark offers a song to listen and dream. The guitar sound was by Holger quack played in the recording studio ForFeetMusic.

As Ambassador for international children help e.V. Christin will be heavy early October 2011 together with the King of Ghana “his Majesty King of Hohoe (Ghana), Kosi O Cephas Togbe” take a solar system for a school in Ghana in operation. There she will be together a new with the King Present title. Source: Idea Media Ltd.

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