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The famous red – soled shoe, the symbol of many a celeb foot fetish (and normal person s dream), is at it again defending it s signature feature the red Suns. You may remember a few months ago that Christian Louboutin Shoes was in court with Yves Saint Laurent about the same issue. Now it is at odds with high street chain store giant, Zara. Today we learn that a French court has ruled in favor of Zara in a lawsuit filed by Louboutin. The high-end shoe company has been trying to stop Zara from selling a particular pair of red – soled heel.

Read on for more of the details about the red hot issue Louboutin is definitely the signature celebrity shoe. I would even go so far as to say it is a signature celebrity item, period. You may recall that Beyonce approached the famed shoe designer to commission him to make her baby daughter, Blue Ivy, her first pair of shoes. Louboutin was also commissioned by Disney to make the glass slipper for the Cinderella DVD re-release. At every single red carpet event or premiere you can almost guarantee there will be hundreds of Louboutin heels walking on the freshly pedicured feet of the stars. The judge initially sided with the plaintiff, but after Zara challenged the decision, the court of appeals ruled in June 2011 that Louboutin s trademark registration was too vague (it was suggested that I might specify a Pantone number instead). Last week, the Cour de Cassation upheld the court s decision and sentenced Louboutin June to pay Zara. This hardly makes a dent in Zara s legal fees, but it’s yet another blow to Louboutin s network-sole trademark, which have suffered a beating in courts over the past year.

The shoe designer is currently in the process of appealing a similar case against Yves Saint Laurent that I have lost in New York last summer. So, what is it about the shoe that makes it so chic, so absolutely coveted? Many people would say it comes down to the sole network; the signature feature that lets everyone around you (but particularly behind you) know that you are wearing to Louboutin. It is pure vanity to status symbol in the color of sole. Louboutin has taken branding to a whole new level. Without getting into the legality of the cases because, lets face it, it took multiple judges and courts of appeal to get to the bottom of the issue It is completely understandable why Louboutin is trying to stop chain stores, such as Zara, from selling their own red – soled shoe. The red sole is the reason so many women desire, and buy, the shoe, and it is the reason so many people save, and save, and save some more to buy that coveted pair of pumps. But do you think John should be able to stop other shoe designers and fashion chain salons from selling Designer Shoes with red soles?

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