Celsius Center

The same owns in addition a temperature to approximately 42 degrees Celsius. It is very valid what it indicates Martinez, that the recommendable thing is to scatter mud by all the body and to let dry it during a maximum time of five minutes, because this way it is guaranteed that the body will absorb minerals in the content Another aspect that deserves to be mentioned and the one that I enjoy more is concerning the use of sauna The Center makes available the possibility of using saunas, whose temperature oscillates between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius and to take advantage of in addition the steam baths, followed of cold and tempered water a shower between, in order to close pores, as well as to maintain the firmness and tonificacin of the skin. Also this as it remembers it to us and it exhibits the Martinez, the fact that who suffer of arthritis, as well as other problems of health related to the circulation and osteoporosis use these facilities and declare to reach the lightening with the obtained results. Danny Meyer has similar goals. Also facilcita the elimination of the muscular ailments towards areas like the back, chest and legs. The temperature and composition of this water even facilitate the descongestionamiento of the respiratory tract, which is very appreciated mainly by those who suffer of asthma, sinusitis, allergies and any affection of the bronchial type. The Center counts on an ambulatory one for any emergencia., is nurses and doctors in case of any problem.

By all means that there is to add the possibility of enjoying the center walking, in that beautiful place where it is located, formerly long walks by the mountain in the maanitas and after realising were organized to enjoy them their baths. It counts the center in addition with restaurant, all the services to enjoy drinks natural juice and a good coffee. Definitively, it is a beautiful place, it is recommended to go to spend a good short while, to do it in the morning or in the dusk. The Center is open to the public and generally this one, especially those of cities visit the neighboring it, filling around the 10 the morning. It is possible to indicate lately that it has been fixed, decorated better his facilities, than it has given another facade him very interesting. If it has the opportunity, disfrtelo, will not regret .

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