As part of its craft, it enters in all the cmodos of the house to make the labor detail. In the dormitory of the senator it finds, among others lixos played in the soil, an envelope of condom. Search a little more and soon finds under of the bed the used condom. Using gloves, and demonstrating certain mourning, it collects the condom and the spear in the garbage bag. The racket of scares it to the door.

Rolled in a towel, the senator leaves the bathroom and also he is surprised at the employee. Surprise when seeing a so important man of the way national politician in so improper suit, Dulce whispers only one good day shy and leaves the environment. He was maluca? You cannot enter in the room of the senator without having certainty of that it is. It complains Been silent after hearing the story of Dulce. In the following fridays the employee acts cautious. She transits for the hall carrying the tray and circulates enters the figures as if she did not exist. Nobody the note or if matters there with its presence.

They continue saying of politics and businesses, making plain and transactions generally srdidas. February, night of sixth, the movement in the street contrasts still more with the desert of the city. The Carnival leaves empty Brasilia still more, but in the street of the senator Rodrigues the movement remains constant. This party is more relaxed than the previous ones. Little is said in businesses, does not have moderation in the drink use, some is dressed with gladder colors, mainly the girls contracted for Been silent, that until they had reduced its clothes. In the morning of Saturday after-carnival, in the labor detail of the main room of the house, of the senator, Dulce it finds another condom, of this time played in the lixeira of the bathroom.

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