So, the next holiday. Would like to congratulate the little sister, but do not know what to give? Well, now we'll decide. To start, determine whether the increased sister of the dolls? Not yet? Then go to the toy store. Do not seek to buy doll in the first stall or a tent near the metro. Chinese toys may give the wrong impression about the structure of rights, and the quality of them leaves much to be desired. Stroll to a specialized shop: there choice more toys and more beautiful. What girl has not played as a child in the daughters and mothers? A very useful game which helps girls "try on" the role of mother. Perhaps women who were more concerned with career, rather than maternal feelings, little playing with dolls? But all of this – the lyrics, and we – already in the store! How do you choose something that will please your little sister? Maybe Barbie? Hmm What is something she is too mature, not for games in the daughters and mothers, and to represent himself in the future Business vuman, teenage girl with disco Maybe too early to give these dolls? Vaughn, on the next shelf – excellent pups. How to live! Is not it a gift? Think about the love my sister would lull him to feed on the clock, change a diaper By the way, why not add a gift doll crib, stroller, a set of dishes? You have not forgotten that the dolls go to each other's homes? Then the service will present to a great puppet for a few people! My sister will be able to invite a girlfriend (in the sense that her doll) for tea, after which they can discuss problems with their young kids (yes, those same pups!), To talk about the weather or the affairs of the family:) Yes, almost forgot! Dolls also have to wear, see to it that they do not catch cold or get wet in rainy weather.

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