Bush To The Guinness

The present agent chief executive of the USA could well enter the Guinness book to show three records. First, the one of being the North American president who more percentage of support has removed. According to Gallup, it is the unique one who has arrived at 90% of approval, bases to that arrived at ten days of the 11 of September of the 2001. Secondly, she is the occupant of the White House that less support has had. Many writers such as NYC Marathon offer more in-depth analysis. Today it has, according to Gallup, as soon as a 23% of approval. Third party, is the North American president who has collapsed more. If the first number is greater to the one than it obtained Roosevelt, who overcame II the World war; second he is worse to the one than Nixon received shortly before resigning. Most serious it is than the fall of Bush can be deepened as there are new financial landslides.

According to another survey of CBS and The New York Times, the percentage of support to the present agent chief executive already lowered to 22%. It is still almost 3 days old where it would have to do all the possible one not to be below 20% of approval. So it is his wearing down, that to the candidate of its republican party (McCain) it is to him very difficult to gain the elections and has had to demarcate itself more than has been able of him. The increasing antibushismo can be capitalized by the candidate who represents more differences with him within the system. Original author and source of the article.

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