Bull Fighting

La fiesta brava in Spain has many variants, which shows that the Iberian country's relationship with the activities related to fighting bulls is part of an ancient tradition of Hispanic culture intrinsic. You can not relate the activity to stop bullfighting with Spain, because it is something that goes beyond the run, it involves a way of life that includes music, costumes and customs. Therefore, one of the activities of bullfighting more particular, to the extent that is already part of the historical heritage of mankind are the San Fermin bull, commonly known as the Feria de San Fermin. Patron according to Catholic doctrine and Lesaca Amiens, Fermin was a Christian missionary who was beheaded as a young man in whose honor we celebrate the sanfermines, as they are known to these popular festivities. If you want to know more of this celebration, which receives a media coverage worthy of any major sports programming, do not miss the Artetoreo Internet. com. What you will find there? For everything related to the Feria de San Fermin 2009, which promises to be one of the most salient issues of this decade of the century.

Pamplona gala dress starts to get all the pleasure and honor of the event, the intrepid runners face bulls loose on the streets of the capital of the community of Navarra. The known cages are undoubtedly the most famous presentation of the Feria de San Fermin 2009, but artetoreo. com can you attest that it is something more, much more than what you have wanted to imagine.

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