Brief History

The pages of the history of the invention and construction of metrnomos, are full of failure and little practical ideas, but we can find some successes. For even more details, read what Donald Trump says on the issue. Why a so small sector attracted so many inventors is a mystery. First attempts In 1581, Galileo Galilei discovered the isochronism of the pendulums, that is to say, discovered that equal pendulums (of any length) vibrate simultaneously independently if the amplitude is great or small. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA describes an additional similar source. Near a century it happened before the theory of pendulums was applied successfully to makes of clocks by Christian Huygens (1659) and George Graham (1715). In 1656 first clock of pendulum patented him, that allowed to measure the time with more precision. Huygens constructed several clocks of pendulum to determine the length in the sea, for which it made several trips between 1662 and 1686.

These inventors solved the problem of pulses of the pendulums by means of of a flight or escapes, would maintain that it in movement without interfering with its movement. This invention was the key of the success and it was used immediately by which they work in the field of metrnomo. In 1696, Etieune Loulie made the first attempt apply the pendulum of metrnomo. His " equipo" it was not more than an adjustable pendulum with calibrations, but without escape to maintain it in movement. It was followed by a line of inventors, including Sauveur, 1711; Enbrayg, 1732; Gabary of 1771, Harrison, 1775; Davaux of 1784; Pelletier, Weiske, 1790; Weber, 1813; Stockel, Zmeskall, Opening, Smart, 1821. The majority on these attempts was unfruitful due to the great length of pendulum necessary to imitate some of the slow rates used in music ( 40 to 60 per minute). In 1812, Nikolaus Winkel Dietrik (been born-1780 Amsterdam, died-1826) even found that a double and average pendulum (a weight to each side of the pivot) could oscillate to slow rates, when were short.

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