Brazilian City

Ian Bruno Patrician Mendona TAQUARY Saints FAGUNDES the present study, fruit of academic research disciplines tied it of Urban Geography, aims at to argue the main occured changes in regards to the urbanization of the city of Christmas since its foundation, time where the planejamentos were directed over all for the question of the settling and povoamento of the Brazilian cities, transmutando throughout the centuries to the related questions the hygienic cleaning and health, sanitarismo and control of plagues. Currently, with the occured changes in the economic sector where the city became a tourist polar region, the Managing Plan of the city of Christmas was created, maximum tool for the urban order, characterized for its legal attributions, that conduct action how much to the areas of ambient protection and urban growth in general. It was evidenced with the research that the state and the private initiative by means of habitacionais politics come throughout the time, and extending itself until the current days, promoting an intense and old modification in the urban drawn one of the city of Christmas, initially with the creation of planned habitacionais sets and currently by means of modern spaces for practical the tourist one. Spaces these that if promote as surrounding of dense circulation of capital, in detriment of others, less favored structurally and that, many times are located in entorno of these, that, however, present discrepantes social realities. For the accomplishment of the work it forms executed bibliographical research in database municipal next to municipal theatre agencies, as well as research in books and documents made use in the Internet. Word-key: urban, native planning, plain director, urban order.

1. INTRODUCTION the City of Christmas was established in 25 of December 1599 for the European conquerors, dates this that gave origin to the name of the city..

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