Best Summer Vacation

In the summer will gain strength to fortify with vitamins for a long, unpredictable winter. The best summer vacation with a tent on the river Oka. Better not to think of summer vacation than stay in a tent. Excellent sleep in the open air. In the tent you smoke all the mosquitoes on the floor to catch a cold from the ground do not you spreading the mattress.

Sleep on the bare ground, as did our ancestors, we are no longer available, if health is not something that we used to sleep on soft bedding. But it can be replace the rest in a tent. Benefits of rest in the tent – you do not pay for it, you outdoors, you are separated only on the nature of the wall tent. Otdyz in a tent on the Oka River – a holiday with swimming and fishing. Thrown rods and go Frolic in the evening you will have the ear, a great dinner.

Perfect to relax on the river Oka possible by Zaoksky area, check the village Behovo. Here, sandy beaches, and I hope you do not have a tent to be taught to put the most important thing it well to fix, and do not forget to lay something on the floor, even though the weather is hot and, but the ground is cold. Would be an opportunity, I would have all these hot days, instead of the streets of Moscow would have spent in a tent on the Oka River. Please swim in the weekdays almost deserted, no one will disturb you, the weekend will certainly be more fun. Palatka is located beautifully in the car, if you do not have room in the tent, then you can sleep in the car. Fresh air is just intoxicating, and Healthy deep sleep you are promised. And for more fun you have to buy the land in Simferopol highway on the river Oka, then you can leave all your belongings in a country house with a tent and go to the Oka, cook at home and sleeping in a tent. Rest in a tent on the river Oka and still in good company – this is happiness

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