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Michael Rother Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk (ftverk dye, him. – Power) – German cult music band from Dusseldorf, who has made a significant contribution to the development of electronic music. The band was formed in 1970 by Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter, but gained fame … Continue reading

Alexander Riskmana

" In parentheses indicates a loss. It can be concluded. Now cook the calculator to be a bit of calculation. The method for calculating based on the recommendations of Alexander Riskmana. 1. The share of equity in liabilities = capital … Continue reading

Republic Belarus

Alcohol intoxication (alcohol content 4,85 study number 1398). (Based on the conclusion of the severity of injury, issued health facility, "9 th Clinical Hospital 01-10 / 4891 of 31.10.06g.) 07.11.2006g. from his injuries the victim has died. 4. Cause of … Continue reading

High Quality Water

Well water at home – this is the easiest and cheapest way to water (water), which can not subsequently give proper comfort. But if you visit their summer cottage on a case by case, this water supply (water treatment) is … Continue reading

Life Insurance Pension

With age, everyone is increasingly think about their future pension. Recently Josh Harris sought to clarify these questions. Unfortunately, the realities of our country shows that such thoughts are not always happy. The experience of Western European countries shows that … Continue reading

Prague Real Estate

* – Letany, Kbely Zdiby (Prague-East) and Habre (Prague 8) * These areas, as well as the entire north of Prague, has one important advantage: because they generally are located in the hills, there is more fresh air than in … Continue reading

Car Insurance

There are many ways to insure your car on Hull. One of them, and perhaps – the most attractive: the insurance broker. Insurance brokers – are intermediaries between the insured and the insurance company, which in turn acting on behalf … Continue reading


Primacy of property valuation is in deciding about investing money in income real estate, the assessment is carried out. Currently, the main demand of assessment is precisely the assessment of income-generating property, which includes the assessment of property rights or … Continue reading

Scandinavian Boilers

In contrast, for example from liquid fuel, which leaked flammable, spilled pellets may be used as an absorbent pellets absorb several times its own weight. Due to the high temperatures in the manufacture of wood pellets pellets biologically active and … Continue reading

Profit Reid

It is also important that any oil company, oil and gas oil in the U.S., in addition to standard pay in taxes and yet the so-called compensation and fees (something like the Russian tax on natural resources, only incomparably more). … Continue reading