Antje Krauss Bailey

As soon as Lagos from his collection of the strangest Objects – which he takes mostly at flea markets – on a small table thematically artfully put together has, can he his magic works move forward hour by hour. That he then takes all in all months, to finish a work of art, one of them. While painting, the artist will again occupy its initial position to keep the right perspective. So, the Viewer before the finished work must aim at the correct distance and par – find that the artist took while working as the center of the image. All really amazing. His work Lagos won awards for his beginning with the numerous “Medal d’Or et le Grand Prix Robert Vrinat” from Metz in 1990 and the first prize of the European Academy of Arts of Luxembourg 1991. His works hung and hang in major museums and galleries around the world, being out of the British Museum in London also galleries in Paris, to highlight New York and Singapore.

All accompanied by acquisitions such as those for the Bunkamura Museum in Japan or Lagos of the Tate Gallery in London, 2010 exhibited at the European art gallery in Bucharest with great success. And now Michael Lassels works for the first time in the province”shows what may be understood as a special honor for Ebersberg. “So it looks even Antje Krauss Bailey, the respected artist in their” Gallery cordially invited. Uwe Grossu exhibition maker, curator, art consultant Jetzendorf / Munich the exhibition opening is on February 5, 2012 at 11: 00 in the Gallery of the City Hall of Ebersberg (Marie 1; S 4 Ebersberg terminus, five minutes) instead. The exhibition lasts until 31 March 2012 opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8-5: 00, Friday from 8-12 watch, and anytime by appointment by phone at: (0 80 92) 82 55 17 (voicemail) or email: a.berberich as

Brought to light”Michael Lassell illusionist and trompe l’oeil painter L ‘ world-class February 5 to March 31, 2012, in the Ebersberg 1, 85560 Ebersberg Marienplatz Rathaus Galerie organization and contact: Antje Krauss Bailey,. City archive, Gallery in the Town Hall. Tel. 08092-825517, email:

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