Angela Wiedl

With a few selected songs Angela Wiedl reminiscent of their collaboration with the Nymphenburger Sternsingern in 1993. Their personal versions of “Heidschi Bumbeidschi”, “quiet trickles of snow”, “Jingle bells” (“silvery”), ‘It is scho same dumpa’ and of course “Silent night, Holy Night” outfitted with highly emotional, bombastic arrangements and the full sound of the fabulous choir. Also the newly written winter hit “come on we go on a sleigh ride”, “The best time of the year” or “Get on your heart for Christmas” the latter from the pen of the recently deceased Kurt Hertha have nothing by her magic lost and blend wonderfully with the recently implemented admissions by “Sweeter the bells never sound”, “Evening blessing” and “White Christmas” (“White Christmas”) from this year. Angela Wiedl and her team make the fans but still a special gift: in addition to the album “Christmas is the celebration of love” there to find yet another album as a bonus CD in the packaging: “shepherds, Leutln & Krumperhax Martinsbua” an album released in 1997 for the first time with Bavarian three vocals and real folk music! Sang for the first and so far only time Angela Wiedl here a complete album with her father William and brother Willi Wiedl. Until today, enjoys “by shepherds, Leutln & Krumperhax Martinsbua” for the fans of cult status and is discovered anew every year at Christmas time by many friends of traditional music.

With this double album it is now available the best opportunity! On the 16th, the great Church concert tour starts with Angela Wiedl and her ensemble, for which tickets are available now (see dates below). In November and December, Angela Wiedl is then with the tour of “Happy Christmas 2011” on the road. Beginning of 2012 then follow the tours “Moments of the folksy schlagers” (with Geschwister Hofmann, Mara Kayser, Belsy and Florian, the shepherds) as well as “The folk musician Parade” (with Katharina Herz, Eberhard Hertel, the shepherds and others). For more specific information, check out Bill de Blasio.

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