When you travel with car, is recommended to stay near the site which is believed to visit since at the end of the day view you can go directly to the hotel without having to wait long lines of traffic already that the vast majority of the museums, and so on, they open and close during the hours of greatest congestion. This makes that the transfer will be a waste of time and that it could be exploited to visit the city. On the other hand, the fuel consumption of the vehicle used to move is greater because of the distance. And parking lots in the tourist attractions are also the most expensive. It is also the problem that did not know the city and therefore ignore the shortcuts, night could go astray and is not so convenient to stop with strangers to ask for directions, in addition to taking into account that for those hours already we are tired. If you use public transport basically cost problems, congestion and lost time are the same, and above is the inconvenience of the schedule of services. The best way to visit a city is staying near the main attraction, leave your car at the hotel, and go walking or with minimal use of public transport.

In cities smaller ones such as Amsterdam, where there is little distance between an attraction and the other should be made throughout the visit to pied. In this way, can be made the visit with guide tourist or a map. The 1.800 of Amsterdam, and old houses in the Centre of the city are an attraction tourism itself same. Distances between major destinations of New York or any other big city are most important, and why it is more important still have a hotel close to main destination. Taking the hotel close to the main attraction, at the end of the day you are close to the hotel to rest and to recover energy for another visit in the evening after dinner, or the next day. If you are traveling with children generally there are attractions for them within the hotel and most of the time services are included obtaining a good saving. On the other hand, if we need to take a refreshing swim or change clothes during the day he is close to doing so as if due to the hot weather, the long walks that are made during trips to take a NAP or change children want. In itself, the visit of attractions is generally all day and occasionally hotels offer free tickets if they are a few miles from the hotel where you are staying.

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