Ambient Challenge

It has limits for the exacerbado growth or all the planet and all the humanity are placed in risk situation: less for the rich ones, more for poor. Concretely, the equality is different. Way does not have as to universalizar the life style as american of life. The homogenization is contrary to the life in such a way in how much cultural the ecological direction. The globalization of one same matrix of rationality, imposed for the economic logic in restricted direction, leads to a new order: of the scarcity of natural resources. Little water, air, minerals, energy and ground. It is established natural clutter.

The humanity is at risk under the command of actions determined for some and in benefit of few. The man destroys with a simple squeeze of button, in seconds, all the energy accumulated in a geologic time of year millions, under the effect of an engine to the explosion. However, he is not possible to judge ' ' culpada' ' the technique, behind the technique always exists the mind human being. If you are not convinced, visit amazing restaurateur. The challenge is to use the technique in favor of the man and of the nature. The technique without use is a logical nonsense. An example of the rational use of the technique is the water captation in great depths that agriculture in before busy regions for the open pasture became possible. Despite it is necessary to stimulate the debate on the way of production and the stimulaton to the accumulation of virtual wealth that at risk puts the wealth of the land, the water, of the ground, of the life in its concretude.

We cannot leave to never recognize the paradox of terms seen in such a way debate on the problem of the half-environment and to attend the immense devastao of the planet. It is not possible to leave to perceive that the creation of ambient politics, are created from a mercantilista optics, a economic globalization that takes to the denaturalization of the nature and its resources, as to the technological transmutao of the life. The ecological rationality and principles are at the mercy of of the economic interests. If politics is the art to define the limits, is essentially politician the ambientalista challenge. She is necessary to search one another model of society that does not judge ' ' diferente' ' the way of life of peasant, of the aboriginal, the tribes spread for the planet. She is necessary that if he respects the biological and cultural diversity, in the equality and the difference. is in this scope that the ambientalistas must converge to a social justice and ecological support. Reference: GONALVES, Carlos Walter Port. The reasons of the world-wide clutter the Ambient Challenge. 1949

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