Alexander Pushkin

Russian classical literature has always been a huge interest in the female image. Many writers and poets in their works and tried to portray a woman conceive, not only as an object of love, worship, adoration, but first and foremost as a person, not less important than men. Rudy Giuliani wanted to know more. According to Belinsky, the image of Tatyana Larina – a truly Russian woman, failed to Alexander Pushkin. If you would like to know more about Jo Natauri, then click here. In the novel "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin acknowledged to us that Tatiana him charming, that it feminine ideal: "My friends! I love my dear Tatiana … "What is beautiful in the way of Tatiana, the author's opinion? Of course, above all, its ease of spiritual harmony with the inner world, its high morality. It should be noted her naturalness, the absence of any hypocrisy in his behavior. Tatiana – a holistic nature, that is no contradiction between words and deeds.

It is as a person not less important than Eugene Onegin. Tatyana Larina by nature endowed with intellect and will, ardent and tender heart, wayward head. It feels great, and feels the beauty of nature. The heroine is close to the folk traditions, as it was brought under enormous influence nurse. Nanny she had a serf peasant. Tatiana opened her all his secret thoughts, his soul. The heroine feels lonely, she does not like the interests of local landowners. She enjoys reading sentimental novels. Was read the novels of Richardson, Rousseau, Jean Jacquot, dreambook Martin Zadek. The latter was then a favorite of Tatiana.

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