Installed on the computers of employees 'camera' of the day – a program SelfTrace. With this program workers keep records of their time – timed running task. It's easy. All that the employee needs to be done – put the check in front of the job, which he now performs. Everything else (counting time write to the database, etc.) the program does automatically. Job worker generates itself or receives from the head, for example, using MS Outlook. The program seamlessly integrates SelfTrace, in particular, with MS Outlook 2007/2010.

Since most of the functions automated, the time spent on samohronometrazh averages and a half to four minutes per day. Keeping records of working time has a large "disciplining" the value and is a good psychological preparation for the management of KPI. Ceases to be a working day something amorphous "from coming to dinner, from dinner to go," concretized and structured. At any time the employee knows what kind of work he now performs, and what is the purpose of this work. On request it can export results to MS Excel timing and see how much time he spent on performing various tasks at the meeting, smoking breaks, "Tea Party", etc. At the first stage (for example, the first month), staff should not be controlled.

But in the future line manager may ask employees to periodically submit reports on the use of working time (the report is generated automatically). As a result, staff is starting to get used to that time – a valuable resource that should be used efficiently and that each may be asked – as he uses. Simultaneously solve several problems. Line managers accustomed to give subordinates a clear, specific, measurable tasks rather than "Do this, do not know that." Thus, the process of labor is "Transparent", as a result – more predictable. It is important that the leader will always be aware of what is currently busy every time his subordinate.

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